How does it work?

The Usability Exchange provides a straightforward way for organisations to test their content with disabled end users. Organisations set up their tests online and submit them directly to disabled testers in our database. Testers are then free to complete these tests in their own time, earning money for each test they complete. As tests are completed by users, organisations can view test results, web page logs and other information in real time.

Registration is FREE for both organisations and testers. Register as an organisation or a tester now or select one of the links below to find out more about particular aspects of the Usability Exchange:

  • Organisations: Setting up a test
  • Organisations: Monitoring a test
  • Organisations: Ending a test
  • Testers: Completing a test
  • Testers: How do I get paid?
  • Testers: Ratings and charges
  • Cost and registration