Prices for tests

Prices for our range of tests are outlined below. You can either pay for tests at the time you are due to submit them or top up your account with credit ahead of time.

  • Starter test
    The starter test is sent to five different users with a range of disabilities, eg. 1 blind user, 1 dyslexic user, etc. These users must attempt four simple tasks on your website.

    The starter test is ideal for organisations who have never tested their website with disabled users before and want a quick and easy way to find out what a selection of disabled users think of their website – a starter test should take no longer than five minutes to set up.

    Cost of starter test: £299 + VAT

  • Intermediate test
    The intermediate test is sent to ten different users with a range of disabilities and consists of seven tasks that users must attempt. The intermediate test is appropriate if you have already submitted a starter test and want to collect more feedback from disabled users, or if you want more practice creating tests before you go on to create an “Advanced test” (see below).

    Cost of intermediate test: £599 + VAT

  • Advanced test
    The advanced test allows you to create as many custom tasks as you want and add questions at the beginning, during or at the end of the test. You can also create your own specific user group with any number of testers.

    The total cost of an advanced test will vary according to the number of tasks, questions and testers selected. There is a minimum charge of £299 + VAT for each advanced test.

  • Questionnaire
    If you want to ask users a series of questions – without presenting users with website tasks – you can create/submit a questionnaire. This option is appropriate if you are at the early stages of a website project and want to ask disabled users what features or functionality they might want from your website.

    You can add any number of questions and testers to your questionnaire with the total cost of the questionnaire depending on the number of questions and testers selected. There is a minimum charge of £199 + VAT for each questionnaire.

Help with creating your test

We offer a test creation service and can create customized tests according to your requirements. Select the “Contact us” link below to contact us about our test creation service or to request a quote for creating a specific test.

Contact us about test creation service