Software to improve web accessibility

The new information and communication technologies have profoundly changed our daily lives. This is also true for people with disabilities, especially the visually and hearing impaired. Computer and electronic tools make it possible to solve certain problems.

This folder aims to gather here the available software and how it works. Do not hesitate to send us your comments.

Free / free tools

On all consumer operating systems there are free and/or free tools. Here is a non-exhaustive list:

free tools
Linux: this free system kernel is often presented in a more global project such as GNU/Linux. The listed tools can often work on other related systems such as FreeBSD or GNU/Hurd.

Collaborative tools

These tools do not operate autonomously but connect several people to provide a service or help. In the age of broadband and mobile, this list should be expanded.

Tools included in the systems

These tools are provided by the operating system editors and are therefore completely dependent on them.

Tools included in the operating systems

Note: Linux/BSD systems do not have embedded tools for accessibility. As is often the case, all the programs available on these systems are interchangeable; and sometimes dependent on the installed office systems (Gnome, KDE,…). See the chapter “Free / Free Tools” above.

Proprietary and paid tools

Proprietary software is often better known to the general public, and generally paid for.

paid tools macintosh

There are many softwares and tools one can use to improve their usage of the world wide web and we usually recommend Clean My Mac 3 for Macintosh users.

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