Why web designers need to beef up their SEO skills!

Website design experts note that web design & SEO sometimes end up in a Chicken and Egg situation for many business owners. You find a situation where having a great looking website is going to compromise the optimisation function of the site, and great Search Engine Optimization practices will compromise the look of the website. Some people may think you need to choose one over the other, but the big question that would result would be, of what use will a beautiful website that no one finds be to you? And if you go with the other option, what use is a website that people find but cannot bear to look at and that is not user-friendly?

UX Web Design with Search Engine Optimisation in Mind

user experience website designsThe solution to that is to take note of the relationship between the two, they need to coexist, they need to work as a team and a website needs to be SEO web designed. This means the website is designed to look good but is also designed with the best SEO functionality incorporated into that. It is no longer possible to have a website designed first and then bring on a team of SEO experts to try and optimize it. The plan for design and optimization should be prepared at the same time.

It is best to look at it this way while you may have two teams working on the website, and the end consumer is the same so whatever they are doing should be focused on satisfying that consumer, who is the visitor to the website.

SEO and Webpage Design work to:

1- Attract the attention of visitors to the site

2- Give them a reason to remain on your site

3- Make it pleasant for the visitor to use the site

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4- Make it easy to find related pages

It is, therefore, important for these functions to be carried out by teams that communicate to ensure that the ultimate goal is achieved. SEO and Website Design, therefore, go together like a horse and his carriage. This is going to be increasingly important with the rise of the semantic web.

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